About us

Maharashtra State Handlooms Corporation Ltd., Nagpur is a Government of Maharashtra Undertaking. It was established in the year 1971 by Government of Maharashtra with a socio economic objective of helping the handloom weavers of the State to make them employment available. The primary objective of the Corporation is to ensure the overall welfare and growth of the artisans and weavers. We are known by our Brand name “INDRAYANI HANDLOOMS”.Our specialization is in Tussar Hand Woven Sarees and Fabrics. We also produce Mulburry Silk Sarees and Cotton Bedsheet, Towels and Durries.
The main objects of the company are as under:-
1) To supply improved equipments and accessories required for the Handloom Industry, in the private sector, that is, handloom weavers who do not come within the cooperation fold.
2) To supply raw materials required for the Handloom Industry.
3) To buy finished products produced by the Handloom Industry.
4) To install and run dye house, plants for sizing, bleaching, calendaring, mercerizing, printing, anti shrink processing and other processing plants required for the Handloom Industry.
5) To set up and run designs centers for the handlooms and to impart training to handloom weavers  in all aspects of the Handloom Industry.
6) To guarantee loans granted to handloom weavers by scheduled banks or any other financial institutions for the purposes of working capital.
7) To raise finance for the above purposes by issue of share capital, debentures, bonds, or by raising loans or accepting deposits with or without guarantee of the Government of Maharashtra.
8) To carry on all kinds of agency business relating to the above.
9) To undertake the study of and preparation of project reports, feasibility studies and to act as general consultant in handloom trade.